We've seen the snowball effect the coronavirus situation has already had on our national economy. The stock market has had huge pendulum swings, and no one really knows what's going to happen next. You're 401K? Don't bother checking.

We're also beginning to see our local South Jersey businesses impacted. Now is our time to make sure our local businesses survive and ever thrive.

Why should you care? Local business is the lifeblood of South Jersey - and every other area of our country!

Local businesses provide resources, but also employment and community support.

Everyone doesn't work for a big company or corporation. Many of us (or our spouses) work for very small businesses that are simplt surviving day to day based on what kind of business that they take in that day.

Think about your kids' local soccer, baseball, and softball teams. It's the sponsorships from local businesses that keep these activities afloat in many instances.

Now, with the coronavirus pandemic, we're being told to avoid crowds, don't go out, and in some cases, stay home from work and school.

I've got news for you - many local businesses - particularly local non-chain restaurants are going to be hurting, big-time.

So, what can we do to help? (Hey, we're living in a community here!)

How about this - go on line and purchase a gift card for a local restaurant. Can't find it on their website? Call them and tell them what you want to do.  It might not seem like much to you, but your cash now may keep them afloat later. You might help someone keep their job, or their business.

While we're talking about supporting each other, let me say this. Do you really need 600 rolls of toilet paper?  Sure, you want to make sure your family is covered, but don't go overboard. Remember your friends and neighbors and leave some for them.

While we're being told to separate - social distancing and all - maybe this is another extreme situation that can bring us all together. We're never alone.

We are South Jersey Strong!

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