We'd love to hear you tell the world that you listen to Cat Country 107.3!

We have a very easy way for you to do that, using the Cat Country 107.3 APP.

We'd love for you to share on Cat Country that you listen each and every day!

First of all, if you don't have our APP on your phone, it's easy to download - and it's free.

Once you have the APP, open it up. Choose the menu in the upper left corner, then choose "Submit Photo/Video."




Once you've done that, please fill out the form. Don't worry, we won't share your info with anyone.



After filling out the form, push the "Select and Submit Media Now" button.

Now, select "Record Short Audio Clip."




When you're ready to record, simply push the red "REC" button.  Wait a second, then speak! Hit "Done" when finished.  You can push the "Play" button (the triangle in the circle) to hear yourself.



If you like it, hit "Submit." If you don't, you can start the process over.  That's it!

WAIT! What are you going to record?

We have some suggestions! (Following these suggestions will improve your chances of getting your voice on Cat Country!)

Here are some suggestions. You can record these alone or with your group!

1. Hi, this is (you name), from (your town/city) and I LOVE THE CAT!

2. Hi, this is (your names) from (your town/city/ or workplace) and WE LOVE THE CAT!

3. Hi, this is (your name), I work at ______, and I TAKE THE CAT TO WORK!

4. Hi this is (your names), we work at __________, and WE TAKE THE CAT TO WORK!

So, there you go! We'd love to have you on Cat Country!

Now, we can't use everyone, but if we use your voice, we'll email you with the first couple times it's going to be on the radio, so you can be sure to listen!

Here's the small print:
*By using the Cat Country 107.3 APP and recording and submitting your voice, you understand that we may use your voice on the radio, without any compensation to you.


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