It appears that a prominent building on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township finally has new owners.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the long-closed, tan-colored building across from Harbor Square/Shore Mall has a 'sold' sign sitting in front of it.

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Those from the area may recall that years ago, Crazy Ned's was there which sold furniture in all shades of teal and purple that were popular way back then. Later, Lexus of Atlantic City refurbished the building and briefly sold cars out of that building until around 2014 or 2015. Since then, the building has sat vacant.

The building at 6726 E Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township has new owners - Photo: Chris Coleman

As for what will be opening there, we can pretty safely say it won't be a mattress store since there is one next door already and it likely won't be a dollar store with Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and an 89-cent store all within walking distance.

We'd love to hear what your suggestions are for the building -- download our app and tap on the 'message us' button to send us your ideas or check out some of ours below...

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