What I thought was going to be a nice and leisurely Sunday stroll on the Ocean City boardwalk turned out to be a walk on the boards I won't soon forget. No, I didn't experience a crazy incident or anything like that. What I did see, though, I've never seen in all my years going to the boardwalk. I've been going to the Ocean City boardwalk since I was an infant, mind you.

It was a beautiful day on the mainland yesterday (for the most part). I first made my way to Renault Winery for the continuation of our Rising Stars Competition. We had a fantastic time, per usual. Afterwards, we decided to head down to Ocean City to walk the boards. When we first arrived, it looked like a great beach day. For one, it wasn't as hot as it has been over the last few weeks.

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We took the ramp up 13th Street to the boardwalk and made a left to head towards the piers. After popping into a few of my favorite boardwalk shops and watching people ride the rides on Playland pier (debating whether or not to hop on a few myself), we decided to head back to the car and grab dinner at one of the city's best Caribbean places.

On our way back up the boards, I couldn't believe how quickly the sky had basically disappeared. A sea of fog overtook us and we could only see as far as about five or six stores ahead. I went to take pictures of the fog on the boards and realized that the waterline was gone! I couldn't spot where the waves started from ANYWHERE on the boardwalk.

Take a look:

Insane Fog Takes Over The Ocean City Boardwalk

Fog so thick on the Ocean City boardwalk that you couldn't even see the waterline.

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