We all understand the infatuation with dating someone older. Maturity, stature, and many other qualities make dating an older person more desirable. And vice versa! There's something fresh, young, and exciting about dating someone younger than you.

Now, let's dish out the negative connotations. Whether you're a cradle robber, a cougar, a sugar daddy, or a gold digger; where does the boundary lie?

Hollywood seems to be the perfect advocate for mondo age differences, without a care in the world!

Allied Paris Premiere
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According to In Touch Weekly Magazine, Brad Pitt has allegedly fallen for a 21-year-old British actress named Ella Purnell. They apparently had been working on a movie together when emotions started to flare. Ella says her #1 celeb crush as always been Brad Pitt. But keep in mind, Brad is 53. Thus leaving a 32 year age difference

Other times Hollywood has graced us with extreme age-gap couples:

  1. Billy Joel (68)  with wife Alexis (35) -- 33 year difference
  2. Scott Disick (34) dating Sophia Richie (19) -- 15 year difference
  3. Hugh Hefner (91) with wife Crystal (31)-- 60 year difference
  4. Donald Trump (71) with wife Melania (47) --24 year difference
  5. Sarah Paulson (42) with wife Holland Taylor (74) -- 32 years apart

At what age is it appropriate to draw the line? Do we even draw the line? Should we let love be love? Or do we let society deem what's socially acceptable?

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