Let's play investi-gator!

If you haven't heard, a 3-4 foot long alligator has been loose in the waters of of Lake Creighton and the Ambrose Brook in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

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So far it's managed to evade authorities twice! The first time, it was spotted on Aug 23 at Victor Crowell Park in Middlesex. Officials were unable to catch it by the time they got to the location. The second time, it was spotted the following Saturday in Lake Creighton. Officials tried to shoot it with a firearm, but it immediately submerged and evaded capture once again.

Authorities have been searching for the gator by boat and by drone. They've also set up traps near where the gator was last spotted. So far (as of Aug 31), no luck. Once they find it, they will attempt to neutralize it so that it's no longer a threat.

Where did the elusive alligator come from?

The answer to this question is a mystery - no one knows for sure where he/she came from. But the Mayor of Middlesex, John Madden, says they think it was owned illegally by somebody before they let it loose in the wild when it started getting too big to handle. Which is the most likely story since alligators are not native to New Jersey.

If this is the case, somebody out there is looking like this right now:


Until they catch this sly gator, steer clear from New Jersey rivers and don't let your pets/dogs get near the water. If you see any sign of the gator, DON'T try to approach it or capture it yourself! Even for 4 feet, alligators are still incredibly strong and dangerous.

We'll (hopefully) see you later, alligator!

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