It's been a while since we've heard from South Jersey's favorite shark, Mary Lee. Where did she go? Where is she? Will she be back in South Jersey this summer? Did she die? Well, we can answer all of these questions all at once. We have not a clue. No one knows where Mary Lee is, how she's doing, or if we will see her again.

The scientists over at Ocearch haven't heard from Mary Lee since June 17th of last year. There is a good chance we will never hear from Mary Lee ever again. Last June the shark pinged off the coast of Beach Haven and that was the last ping from Mary Lee's tracker.

Mary Lee was tagged off the coast of Cape Cod on September 17th 2012. She swam her way into our hearts as her tracker pinged up and down the Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, a dead battery may be to blame for the lack of communication.

Chris Fischer, founder of Ocearch, told USA Today, "We might hear from her again, but we might not. Her tag has run its course."

Another theory may be that her dorsal fin has not surfaced long enough for satellites to track. The tracker on her dorsal fin has to surface for 90 seconds for the satellites to register. Since great white sharks do not have to surface to breathe, she just may be laying low for a while.

Don't fear though great white sharks can live to around 70-years-old and Mary Lee is only around 50. There is a very strong chance she is still alive and well.


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