To be honest, I'm not sure if people from other states frequent gas station convenience stores all the time like we do here in the Garden State. Sure, they have to get out of their car to pump their own gas. If they're paying in cash, then they have to go inside.

My question is, though, are they actually ordering food from gas stations like we do here in New Jersey? After all, New Jersey has Royal Farms and Wawa. Both serve up some really delicious grub, wouldn't you say? That's especially true if you're pressed for time.

There can only be one spot that sits at the top of everyone's list, right? According to, everybody here in the Garden State prefers Wawa to every other gas station for food in the entire state. No surprise there, huh?

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People LOVE Wawa. Are we obsessed with it? I wouldn't say that. "Obsessed" isn't the right word. It is, however, super convenient when you're on the go and you'd rather not eat something like McDonald's or Taco Bell. Wawa has a pretty decent selection. That statement even holds true for people who are trying to watch what they eat. Have you ever had the people behind the counter make you a Southwest Salad? That's one of my FAVORITES! I recommend getting it made with both spinach and romaine lettuce.

You're welcome for that pro-tip.

A quick fill-up, free air for your tires, a nice smoothie, and quick dinner all in one stop? Not sure how anywhere else can really top Wawa, if I'm being honest with you.


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