People look at Barbie as a pretty doll with blonde hair, blue eyes, a skinny figure, and a large enough chest to make her fall over. What if I told you there was much more to the doll?

Today is International Women's Day. March 8th was proposed to be International Women's Day in 1910. It is an official holiday in 26 countries. While McDonald's is turning the golden arches upside down to look like a W, many women around the world are using social media to support strong empowering women. I would put Barbie into the category of strong empowering women. Before you roll your eyes hear me out.

Yes, I know Barbie is not a real person. This does not mean she does not empower girls and women. Barbie has been an inspiration for girls for generations.

I was at a Girl Scout event when I heard a young girl being asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. The girl didn't take much time to reply with one simple word, Barbie. The people around her including me looked at her confused. The girl elaborated on her response by saying that Barbie has had every job. I was amazed by her answer at this point and realized she made a great point.

Barbie isn't only a pretty face, she shows little girls that they can be anything they want to be.

In the almost 60 years Barbie has been around she has had 130 jobs. Barbie has been a doctor, a Marine Sergeant, a firefighter, U.S. President, a NASCAR driver, a sign language teacher, a babysitter, a game developer, an architect, a McDonald's cashier and so many more. What is she showing young girls? That no matter what they chose they are important.

Having one woman be all of those things shows that no job is beneath you and that anyone can be anything they dream. These are important life lessons and they are taught by a doll. Yes, Barbie is a pretty face, with nice clothes, and a nice house, but the core message of Barbie isn't lost behind the superficial things. That young girl I met was proof that little girls understand what Barbie is and know the clothes and the superficial mean nothing compared to being a strong empowered woman.

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