Students from Woodbine Elementary School have hit the borough streets in the efforts to  raise money for kids in areas hit by hurricanes -- all while also cleaning Woodbine’s litter filled streets!

Teacher Jackie Merollo, has put together this initiative to raise money for schools struck by hurricanes. She, along with her students, are hopeful that this particular effort would raise $500 as part of the Clean Communities grant.

According to Shore News Today:

Last week, students sent the first donation to Lakeshore Elementary School in Humble, Texas. Teachers, staff and students hope to send several more, not just to Texas, but to schools hit in Florida and Puerto Rico.

But the effort doesn't just stop in the streets. The kids and their families have put together bake sales and have also collected donations.

Ms. Merollo says that some of the kids are even donating their snack money to make sure that children in affected areas will be able to go back to school and their homes. She also said that her students have learned a lot about disasters, volunteering, and that helping their own community can have the added benefit of helping others in need.


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