Who said there's no such thing as a "dream job?"

An awesome volunteer opportunity is currently breaking South Jersey Facebook right now that has people not even thinking twice about signing up to do it. No exaggeration, it's the easiest and most adorable job in the world. Seriously, whomever expressed that dream jobs don't exist never had the chance to cuddle kittens all day.

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"Professional kitten cuddlers" is the phrase South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter is using to describe the positions they're currently trying to fill. They're a perfect choice of words, too. Who wouldn't want to cuddle up with some adorable fur babies?

The shelter shared a post about what they're looking for to Facebook and it's already been shared multiple times with many people inquiring further in the comment section. The shelter has been replying to people as often as they can, having already addressed a number of questions posed to them. So far, some of the most frequently asked questions have been about whether or not children are allowed to sign up with the program.

Before you think too much into it, no, there's no special requirements or experience necessary for you to volunteer. If you were wise, you'd inquire sooner rather than later since it seems like a ton of people are already interested. You can check out the shelter's Facebook post for any questions you have that somebody might've already asked below.

Any additional questions can be forwarded to the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter's volunteer coordinator at volunteersr@sjras.org.

Click HERE to fill out your Kitten Cuddler application!

Source: Facebook

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