Calling all Cape May County residents!

The Bat Signal has been lit. Now is your time to shine. Let me explain...

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center, the only one of its kind in New Jersey that's based in Brigantine, is currently on the hunt for volunteers from Cape May County specifically. The stranding center only calls out for volunteers a few times a year and, more often than not, they prefer if you live close to the facility.

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There's a similar qualification this time around, but the proximity to the facility itself isn't important. Rather, they're asking that anyone interested in applying only do so if you live within a 15 minute radius to a beach. After all, that's where the action happens. So, if you're not within close enough proximity to get to the animal in distress, you're probably not the ideal candidate they're looking for.

Notice that I said "apply". Yes, you do have to apply to volunteer for the center. For one, you'll have to go through a training program that'll prepare you for various situations and incidents along the coastline so you'll know what to do whether you encounter a seal, dolphin, or another marine mammal.

They're also now searching for volunteers from locations up the Parkway, as well, so if you know of anyone up around LBI that might be interested in volunteering their time to the sea critters, you can pass along the application to them. Who knows? Maybe, you'll wind up volunteering together.

They shared a post with all the information you'll need to apply on Facebook:

The application deadline is August 8th.

Source: Facebook

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