One aspect everybody loves about the Wildwoods is the Doo Wop theme. The 50s and 60s style is still alive on the island. It's the vibe that keeps families coming back for vacations year after year.

Unfortunately, there have been many of the old school motels close their doors over the past few years. Whether they were sold and demolished or turned into condos, it's been sad to see the motel scene take that shift.

Apparently, there's still hope to be had. There are still plenty of people that want to see these legendary motels live on in their second acts. The Doo Wop motels are what make Wildwood, well, WILDWOOD! It'd be a sin to slowly watch them fade away, only to exist in our memories.

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It looks like the motel scene might be bouncing back with the announcement of the new Tramcar Motel that's taking shape in North Wildwood. Yep, that tramcar.

Everybody that loves Wildwood has a special place in their hearts for the tramcar. You can hear it already, can't you? "Watch the tramcar, please!" Many would say that's the Wildwood catchphrase.

According to Wildwood Video Archive, that's exactly what the theme will be of the old Aruba Motel in North Wildwood. WVA reports that the buyers of the Aruba are transforming the motel into a complete homage of the legendary boardwalk staple. It'll even be complete with a tramcar on the roof. There's something people will definitely be stopping to get pictures of.

The new Tramcar Motel is slated to open on Mother's Day weekend. WVA says the owners are planning on doing even more work to the place in the fall.

Find out more about the Tramcar Motel HERE.


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