If you're a dog person, then you're more likely than not to seek out vacation experiences that allow you to bring along your pup to join in the fun.

I get it. I have two dogs that are the absolute loves of my life, so I'm with you regarding the whole not leaving the pups behind. I go on vacation with my dogs once a year, and it would be a bummer if, for whatever reason, I couldn't find any accommodations that allow pets.

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There are a few places up and down New Jersey's coastline where you don't have to worry about your dog missing out on the summer vacation magic and memories to be made. If you're heading to the Wildwoods for vacation this year, you don't have to worry about leaving the dogs at home. A recent Facebook post shared by the folks who run the Wildwood Dog Park and Beach page includes some of the best places to stay within the five-mile island that will allow your fur babies to stay with you. No matter which section of the island you prefer, there ARE hotels, motels, etc. that let you bring your dog.

The five-mile island has eight places for you to lay your head in which your pup can lay right beside you. So, pack the dog toys, the beach balls, the portable water bowls, plenty of dog treats, and an extra leash and harness or two, and head on down the shore. The doggos are welcome!

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