Yes, your dreams are coming true here in New Jersey: pork roll ice cream.

And if that really is one of your dreams, perhaps a trip to the treadmill would be better than a trip to this ice cream stand.

Anyway, Windy Brow Farms, an ice cream stand up in Sussex County, has created pork roll ice cream (actually, they call it Taylor Ham ice cream, but I'm going to stick with our localism on this one).

But, according to an interview that people who work at the ice cream stand did with, Taylo-- er, pork roll ice cream would be "gross" by itself, so they worked in some french toast flavor to balance things out.

Dozens and dozens of people on Windy Brow Farms' Facebook page are raving about it. A quick scan didn't find anyone who was disappointed.

And if you are daring enough to give Tayl-- er, pork roll ice cream a try, Windy Brow Farms is developing other Jersey-like flavors for this summer, including sweet corn and tomato pie.

If you want to take a road trip to give it a try, Windy Brow Farms is located "way up there" in Fredon Township, Sussex County, about a three hour drive from Atlantic City.

The question is... will any custard stand here in South Jersey give this a try?

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