One of my biggest pet peeves is when people make fun of people for spotting different sea creatures in the ocean while enjoying time at the beach.

Look, I totally understand that it's the ocean and that's where these animals live, but it's still really cool when you see a dolphin jump out of the water or see a hermit crab in the sand rather than in a boardwalk store. These sights are some that most don't get to see every day, so it's nice that there are still people out there that don't take them for granted.

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I'm a total nerd, so I'll be the first one to get excited at the sight of marine life while I'm at the beach. Now, I wasn't there when I saw this, but it's still pretty cool! Videos have been surfacing lately showing stingrays swimming along the shores of the beaches in Ocean City. I don't know about you, but I've never watched a stingray swim by me while I'm taking a dip in the ocean waters.

The person flying this drone wasn't expecting to catch exactly that on his camera that day. Take a look:

What a beautiful reminder of the fact that we as humans and our lives are only one piece of this huge planet that we inhabit. Nobody ever would have witnessed this from the ground with the naked eye. And to think that if the drone would have gone up only a few moments later, this magnificent scene might have been missed!

This video was shared to Facebook courtesy of the official OCNJ Drone page. This page shows off plenty of beautiful sights captured in Ocean City. You can take a look at more of them HERE.

Source: Facebook

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