A website (that we've never heard of) has listed the "Weirdest Roadside Attraction in Every State", and their pick for New Jersey is not Lucy the Elephant, My Bill, Mighty Joe, the California Raisin, or the Hubcab Tree/Pyramid.


Can you guess what it is? Here's your clue... it's in Camden County - and she's female.

24/7 Wall Street has named an attraction in Blackwood: The Nitro Girl: Uniroyal SuperGal - it's a statue that sits at Werbany Tire Town in Blackwood.

Here's what 24/7 Wall Street has to say about the attraction:

You may think of the statue as a Wonder Woman that looks like Jackie Kennedy. The 18-foot “doll,” as she used to be known, has been around since 1965. Since then, it has been transformed a few times, most recently in 2007, when her makeover created a crossover between Super Girl and Wonder Woman.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So, there you have it. I told you you couldn't guess!

Check out some better choices the Wall Street 24/7 folks could have made right here.

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