We have all answered the phone, regrettably, and were greeted by a way too cheerful woman congratulating you on the free cruise you just won. The moment you realize what's going on you hang up, frustrated.

That shared frustration has led to a class action lawsuit that could pay you a pretty penny.

Let's start by saying robocalls are illegal. Yes, telemarketers are not allowed to call you using a prerecorded message. They must call you with a live person. This way you can let your frustration out on a real person instead of a robot.

Okay, that's not why it is illegal and don't freak out too bad on the caller they are people too.


This settlement case Carvat v. Resort Marketing Group LLC. has come to an agreement that is in all of our favors.

Last week the marketing group agreed to set up a fund of $7 million to $12.5 million to pay you. This money is going towards attorney fees, expenses, and to pay out the claims.

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Are you entitled to getting money from this settlement?

If you've received a call saying you've won a free cruise from July 2009 to March 2014 you are eligible.

The payout is quite large too.

You can claim up to 3 calls at $300 each!

Let's do the math together, that is up to $900!

How do you know if you've received a call within the timeline from Resort Marketing Group LLC.?

They have a website set up where you enter your phone number to see if you can file a claim.

You must file by November 3, 2017 to apply.


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