The fact that the Margate Police Department is popping up on your caller ID doesn't really mean that the Margate Police Department is calling you.

Welcome to 2019.

Police in Margate are advising area residence of the latest phone scam which includes the callers using the Margate PD as their number.

Margate Police say they've received reports of residents giving out personal information in the latest phone scam.

Here's what police have to say:

We will NEVER call you out of the blue and request personal information such as your banking information or social security number. You should NEVER give that information out to ANYBODY over the phone.

These scammers are using computer software to disguise their phone numbers and are usually calling from outside of the country. Sadly, once money is sent to these scam artists, there is almost nothing that can be done to recover it so please contact us BEFORE you would ever send money to somebody that contacts you over the phone!

SOURCE: Margate Police Department

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