I had a driving experience last night that can only be explained with uncontrollable laughter to the point where I had to pull over. My brother and I were in Philadelphia last night to see comedian Jimmy Carr at The Fillmore. I will admit my experience driving into Philly is limited to the sports complex. My mom's family is from Manhattan so when I say "the city" it is in reference to New York because that's the city I grew up going to.

There were a few times over the course of the drive in and out in which I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. To make a long story short, which of course I will still explain in greater detail below, I drove the wrong way on a one-way along with many other cars, drove up on a sidewalk to make a u-turn, drove in circles around a Carvana vending machine, drove down a street that I'm convinced was a sidewalk, and saw a tree house on said street. Many people right now are rolling their eyes thinking to themselves that I am a typical woman driver, but let me explain myself before you jump to conclusions.

While looking for parking we came to a stop sign behind two other cars. To our left was The Fillmore, the road was blocked off. To our right was another street blocked off. Logically, the only direction we could drive was straight. We followed the two cars realizing this part of the road was a one way and we were going the wrong way. A tractor trailer was trying to turn into the road. There were a few cars parking on concrete in front of a store. So, I drove up on the small curb to move out of the way and turn around.

After the show, things got even more interesting.

I did not know how to get out of Philly from where I was, since I had never been there before. I turned on my trusty GPS, which proved to be not so trusty. We drove around a Carvana vending machine twice. Honestly, that wasn't so bad because they look so cool. My brother at this point made a comment along the lines of future generations will laugh at the fact that we are amazed by car vending machines.

TSM Chelsea Corrine

My GPS then had me drive down a street called Lee Street (or Road, I honestly don't remember) this road had to convince me it was really a road. I turned down and immediately stopped, unsure if it was a real road or a sidewalk. There were cars parked on the side, well they were parked on the sidewalk. I drive a tiny MINI Cooper, which we had to fold in my one mirror to fit down.

TSM Chelsea Corrine

Note: I did not take these photos as I drove, my brother did.

On this same road was a peculiar sight for a city. We came upon a gazebo looking thing that was decked out like a clubhouse. This wasn't the strange sight. This was...

TSM Chelsea Corrine

I may be wrong here, but isn't it a little odd that there is a tree house in a city on a road that is the size of a sidewalk? At this point I had to stop for the 1,000,000th time to laugh.

I survived the drive and made it home with myself and car in one piece.