YES. It's Friday! Time to kick off the weekend with a nice cold brew (and no, not coffee). Ditch the mug and make some room for the cans and bottles because it's #NationalBeerDay!  But is there a way to celebrate the Country famous holiday other then throwing a few back? YES AGAIN.

Here's some other uses for beer that you may not have known about...

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Do you suffer from dry hair, insomnia, a snoring partner, a cheap landlord, or brown spots on the lawn? Well, according to Men's Health, a nice brewski can help you out with that!

1. Shampoo Hair:

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Not only is beer the remedy for a dull party, it's also the cure for dull hair! All you have to do is pour a cup of it into a small saucepan and bring it to a boil over medium heat. Let it reduce until there's 1/4 cup left so the alcohol, which can dry hair, is removed. Let it cool and mix the remains with a cup of your favorite shampoo. Now, put that good stuff into an empty shampoo bottle, then wash and rinse! It'll give your hair more shine and luster.

2. Trick a Cheap Landlord

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I live in an apartment where the landlord pays the heat bill and sets the thermostat pretty low... SO here's a trick!  Ice up a can of beer in the freezer, and set it atop the lockbox that holds the thermostat. The cold from the beer will trick the thermostat into thinking the temperature has dropped so it'll turn the heat on!

3. Soothe Tired Feet 

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Pour a couple of cold ones into a bucket and soak those puppies. Ice-cold beer with lots of carbonation can be soothing for tired feet!  But be sure to limit it to two, or else your feel will fail the sobriety test...

4. Cure Insomnia

Credit: Media for Medical / Contributor, Insomnia

Apparently, beer helps induce sleep?! Well yes, drinking too much of any alcohol will stimulate its depressant effects... BUT the hops in beer is what helps you sleep! You can sew it into pillows, and the smell of it is supposed to be a sleep aid, especially for colicky babies! Hops is a type of flower, though, so be careful if you have allergies...

5. Stop Snoring

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Does your partner produce noises similar to that of a hog? Or a broken down train perhaps? Well, try this:  Get a pocket T-shirt and a 6-ounce mini-can of beer. Put the can in the pocket and fasten it closed with a safety pin. Just before you go to bed, put the shirt on backward. You're more likely to snore when resting on your back, so this little setup prevents you from rolling over. Just be prepared to wake up in a bed of beer. #GOALS

6. Clear Up Brown Spots in Your Lawn

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Fermented sugars in beer stimulate plant growth and kill fungi. SO, snag a chemical-free beer, put it in a spray bottle, and hit those annoying brown spots in your lawn. The grass will absorb the sugar in the beer and draw energy from it! So either try that, or just stop peeing there...


Happy National Beer Day! 
celebrate responsibly.

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