Feel more down in the dumps this month than you've felt in a while?

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Turns out, it's not just you. A recent survey from KLM Airlines shows that it's common for society to feel depressed in January. Many factors attribute to you not feeling the happiest this month including coming off the "holiday high".

Top 10 Reasons People Feel Down In January:

  • 1

    Lack of money, after over spending (48%)

    You're not the only one who may have went a little overboard on the Christmas presents this year. In fact, 48% of people attribute some of their "blah" feeling this month to overspending. The comfort in this is to realize that you're not alone. Everyone's pocketbook is struggling this month.

  • 2

    The weather (40%)

    Ugh, the weather's AWFUL. Here's what's depressing about the weather: yes, we know it's cold. However, what's more is the cold weather transferring into boredom for the next few months. The realization is sinking in that there really won't be too much to do outside as a result of the frigid temperatures.

  • 3

    The dark nights (39%)

    It gets dark super early which cuts into the quality time we spend with our families. The earlier it gets dark, the more tired we get. There's a reason you don't feel exhaustion as often in the summertime; the sun is out for a longer stretch of the day.

  • 4

    Lack of daylight (37%)

    See the explanation above. Not a lot of daylight equals the decrease in outdoor hobbies which leads to an increase of the frequency of boredom.

  • 5

    The magic of Christmas is over (32%)

    32% of people are struggling with what comes next. The holidays are over, so for many there's nothing much to look forward to other than summer.

  • 6

    Going back to work (31%)

    Well, this one's pretty obvious, right?

  • 7

    Overindulging over the Christmas period (24%)

    Translation: holiday weight gain. Some are depressed this time of year because now it means hitting the gym to sweat off those extra holiday pounds.

  • 8

    Loneliness (21%)

    The holidays are a time when everyone gets together and the feeling of family is stronger than ever. Getting back to reality for some means saying goodbye to family and friends they won't see til next Christmas, which can result in a period of loneliness.

  • 9

    The pressure of new year’s resolutions (16%)

    You should never set unattainable resolutions. If you set resolutions that you know d*** well are out of your reach, you're no doubt going to feel depressed.

  • 10

    Lack of a social life (12%)

    Compared to the holiday season, January is when most people's social lives hit a lull. You went from parties, cocktail hours, and family get-togethers to sitting at home curled up with some take out and Netflix on Friday nights. But listen, taking time to relax is a good thing. Hard for some, of course, but if there were ever a month to focus on yourself, it's this one.

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