Yes, there is a better than one in ten chance your cell phone -- the thing that follows you every single place you go -- has poo on it. Yeah, poo.

I apologize if you're having a snack. has a whole list of things that will make you go, "ewww."

- That computer keyboard you're using? It's likely to be five times dirtier than a toilet seat -- 150-times over the acceptable limit for bacteria levels.

- You've heard that a TV remote is the dirtiest thing in a hotel room (yuckier than a bedspread), but your own TV remote is probably the dirtiest thing in your house, too.

- Flipping on a light switch? You just came in contact with about 217 bacteria.

- Wanna try out that new video game in a store, using the controller everyone else has touched? Staph has been found on some.

- Did you catch one of your co-workers sneezing today? The germs in a sneeze can hang out for up to 48 hours (or more!) on a surface.

Now that you're thinking about investing in a lifetime supply of rubber gloves, know that you can reduce your chances of catching a bug using easy to find items such as anti-bacterial wipes, washing your hands often, and cleaning surfaces regularly.