Let me be the first to say that I totally acknowledge and understand the fact that it is the primary job of a first responder to help out in an emergency whether they're on duty or not. Well, if they're morally and ethically sound, it is.

With that being said, it doesn't mean that they don't deserve recognition for showing up on their days off, should an emergency arise.

That's exactly what happened on the 4th of July in Wildwood. Multiple sources report that a man went missing as a result of a boating incident that took place in the back bay. Technically, it all went down in Post Creek.

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Unfortunately, we know now that the victim all the first responders were searching for didn't make it. The body of a male believed to be in his mid-30s was recovered by search and rescue teams. The identity of the deceased was not revealed, but we do know that the body was recovered thanks to the help of certain first responders that weren't even scheduled to work that day.

A special shout-out goes out to the North Wildwood Fire Department and their chief, Dominick McClain, who happened to stumble upon the scene while out enjoying the holiday on some jet skis with family. It's that kind of dedication that assures more than a few full-time residents that their first responders genuinely care about keeping everyone safe to the best of their abilities.

Of course, we extend our deepest condolences to the victim's family and are so sorry for their loss.

Sources: NJ.com, Instagram

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