The list of last year's most popular baby names is out and it appears that a new country singer influenced the list.

I enjoy looking at the list of most popular baby names each year  -- it's fun to see how society is reflected in a parent's decision to name their newborns. The entertainment industry, as always, has a huge impact on this list.

Sophia is the new most popular baby name for girls. Isabella, which had been the top girls name, is now number two. Emma, Olivia, and Ava make up the remaining top spots for girls.

For the thirteenth straight year, Jacob is the top boys name, followed by Mason (think Mason Kardashian) at number two, followed by William, Jayden, and Noah. Michael, which is usually in the top five, falls to number six, its lowest ranking since the 1940s.

The fastest rising name for a girl is Briella, thanks in part to the reality TV show Jerseylicious (this is where I roll my eyes) and for boys, Brantley is gaining speed, thanks to new country singer Brantley Gilbert.