If you ask anyone their opinion of 2018, there seems to be a consensus. 2018 was a year of really high highs and very low lows. Everyone's hopes for 2019 seem to align. Most people say they hope to build on all the lessons they've learned in 2018, but with the lows not hitting as hard.

A reasonable wish, wouldn't you say?

With that being said, Joe and I asked you earlier this week to reveal your top three New Year's Resolutions for 2019. Some people posted some really subjective goals, but most were what we would've predicted.

Without any further ado, here are South Jersey's top three New Year's Resolutions!


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    Focus on creating a hobby

    The third most popular New Year's resolution in South Jersey is either picking up a new hobby or becoming proficient in one you've already dabbled in. Very solid goal.

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    Seize The Day

    More than one person commented about not putting things off they wish they would've started sooner. For example, someone commented that if he wants to do something this year, he's not going to come up with all the reasons why he shouldn't. Instead, he says he's going to "just do it". Good for you, sir!

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    The number one New Year's Resolution among everyone in South Jersey is the goal to travel more. People have listed places like Nashville, different vacation hot spots, etc. on their travel bucket lists.

    We have one question: can we fit in your suitcase? Lol!

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