While we recognize there are some bad eggs everywhere, we also want to take time to recognize that there are some excellent police officers that live and work around us each and every day.

We found three examples of how some members of our local law enforcement agencies have gone the extra mile and made a positive difference in some lives.

We begin with Hamilton Township Police.

Since the pandemic began and home schooling became the norm, the police department has been working with local schools in making sure that local kids are still being recognized and celebrated. Monday, officers took time to help salute some local "Students of the Week."

Meanwhile, in Wildwood, these police officers and their K-9 partners took time to present an impromptu K-9 show for a group of children. How great is this? These kids are going to remember this for quite a while!

Today's third example comes not from a local department, but from New Jersey State Police. Up north, an officer took extra time to help a local resident who was having a tough time. The level of caring on behalf of the officer is easily witnessed in these photos.

There you have it, three more reasons we are proud of the special efforts put forth by our New Jersey law enforcement professionals.

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