There's plenty to love about the southeastern region of the Garden State. The beaches are beautiful, people don't live on top of each other, and there's an endless list of delicious locally-owned restaurant options. What more could you ask for?

According to South Jersey residents, there are three things in particular they'd ask Santa to bring to this part of the state this Christmas. 3 places, we should say.

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When asked which stores they desperately wished had locations in this part of New Jersey, the same three retailers were named over and over again.

Can you guess which stores they are?

3.) Whole Foods

Shot of Whole Foods Market from Rt 73 in Marlton
Google Street View

Why are people so desperate for a Whole Foods down this way? Well, that's a pretty easy question to answer. If you're trying to eat healthy and want the majority of your groceries to be organic, Whole Foods takes the guesswork out of shopping for you. You don't have to read every single label to determine which brand is the best for you. More than that, there are no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors in the food they sell.

2.) Wegmans

External shot of the Wegmans located in Cherry Hill, NJ
Google Street View

To put it simply, Wegmans is an experience. Not only do they offer premium products at competitive prices, but all of the dishes and products made in-house are pretty delicious, too. I went to high school near the Wegmans in Cherry Hill. We used to leave and go eat lunch in the café at Wegmans at least a few times a month during our senior year. I wouldn't mind a Wegmans down here, myself.

1.) Trader Joe's

If you're on the hunt for international cuisine, the best place to shop is Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's is great for people who like to eat on the healthier side, but also like to have microwavable options for quick meals from time to time. To put it simply, Trader Joe's is AWESOME. Plus, you'll find some really unique items in there.

Now, this one isn't a store exactly, but it's a quick grab-and-go restaurant that those of us living in Atlantic and Cape May counties wish we didn't have to go so far out of our way to get. A lot of people have said they wish a Panera Bread would open up a location in this part of South Jersey. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon.

Most of these stores won't open locations in Atlantic or Cape May counties because their statistics show that the average household income in this part of the Garden State wouldn't be able to afford shopping there frequently enough for them to deem it worth it. I totally disagree with that statement, as do plenty of other South Jersey residents. All we can do is keep submitting requests for one and hopefully one of the stores will eventually cave.

We can always ask Santa for one!

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