It's hard to watch the events unfolding now in Ukraine and not wonder what you can do to help.

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The United Nations is saying that more than 500,000 people have fled Ukraine since Russia invaded the country last week. Others are staying behind to help in the fight for their country.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, many organizations are offering ways to help Ukrainians. The question is how can you be sure if a charitable organization is really a good steward of your donation?

I did a little research and found three trustworthy organizations with long histories of helping people in need, charities that are U.S. registered, so you can have confidence that your donation will be used wisely and that it is tax-deductible.

1- Project HOPE:
Founded in 1958, Project HOPE responds to humanitarian emergencies and disasters. According to the group's website, Project HOPE is aiding those in Ukraine by mobilizing its emergency teams and "sending medical supplies and standing by to provide health screening and care for refugees.

More than 500,000 children have been affected by the conflict so far, the UNICEF emergency response is working to address their needs by preparing health, hygiene, and emergency education supplies, as well as distributing safe water to affected areas, and helping kids separated from their families.

3- United Help Ukraine

United Help Ukraine receives and distributes food donations and medical supplies to people in Ukraine. The group's current priorities are aiding Ukrainian soldiers and their families, helping displaced people from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and raising awareness of the current situation.

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