The strife in Ukraine is being reflected in blue and yellow lights along an Ocean City, New Jersey bridge.

It feels there is so little we can do from so far away to support Ukraine as Russia bears down on the country. But it's small gestures, like turning the lights underneath the 9th St. bridge in the Jersey Shore town to match the colors of the Ukrainian flag, that convey support and solidarity its people's struggles.

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An exquisite photo of the Route 52 causeway was captured by offshoredrones on Facebook, with the bright blue and yellow tones reflecting on the night waters off Ocean City.

Beautiful a shot as it is, it's also haunting. From half a world away, it's hard not to think about people being driven from their homes in the middle of the night as ammunition falls around them. Ukrainian residents forced to flee to underground subway stations to find safety, with the pets, and babies, huddled onto staircases. Then there are the images of people dragging suitcases along highways trying to get out of Ukraine, essentially turned into refugees in a matter of days. It's utterly heartbreaking.

For safe, trustworthy ways to donate to the people of Ukraine and assist in humanitarian efforts there, click here.

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