Just because we are the "armpit" of the U.S. doesn't mean we haven't accomplished a lot throughout history. Here are things that are actually from or in New Jersey that other states claim.

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    Make all of your Pennsylvania friends mad. Wawa, while claimed to be from Pennsylvania actually started in New Jersey. George Wood, from New Jersey, started Wawa in New Jersey before moving it to Pennsylvania. It was originally an iron foundry.

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    Statue of Liberty

    You know how some people live in one town, but their mailing address says another? Well, that's pretty much the same as Statue of Liberty. Technically, the statue is in New Jersey, but New York takes claim.

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    New York Jets

    While the name says New York, the stadium says something very different. MetLife Stadium is in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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    New York Giants

    See above...

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    Ellis Island

    What is it with New York and taking claim to things in New Jersey. Most people associate Ellis Island with New York, but just like the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island is technically in New Jersey.

    Ellis Island (Spencer Platt, Getty Images)