Brace yourself! Things could get weird…

To say I'm a bit of character is definitely an understatement, but most people would agree that to know me is to love me. I have a huge heart, unfailing faith, a positive outlook on life, and a strange affinity for guacamole.

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    Local Gal

    I was born and raised in South Jersey! I grew up in Gloucester County, went to Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill, and attended college at Rowan University. I love SJ, so you can usually find me romping around the beach, boardwalk, or at a local watering hole.

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    Faith, Family, Friends - The Three Things That Matter Most

    My morals and values are of the utmost importance to me. I always try to treat anyone and everyone I meet the way I want to be treated. This outlook wouldn’t be possible in today’s day and age without my deep-rooted faith.

    Family is everything. We’ve all heard that quote, right? As cliche as it might be, the truth behind it certainly isn’t lost on me. I love my family with my whole heart. We’re all a little nutty, a little extra, and a whole lot of FABULOUS. If you ever see us out, come say hi! We won’t bite…. Usually.

    They say your friends are the family that you get to choose, and mine are SOMETHING ELSE! We’ve known each other since childhood, so boundaries don’t exist anymore. There’s no other group of people that knows me better. We’re all characters to say the least, but it certainly makes life interesting! The people that accept you for all that you are the ones you hold onto, and boy, am I blessed. We may be a bunch of misfits, but they’re worth more than a million to me.

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    Nerd Alert

    Remember when I said “Brace Yourself”? Here’s why: I’m a low-key nerd. You probably wouldn’t guess based on your first impression of me, but  I love sci-fi and fantasy. Anything that can be found inside Universal Studios, I’m probably a fan of in some capacity. I can quote every Harry Potter movie, can name every character, and tell you their House.

    My favorite shows are Game of Thrones and Stranger Things (Go EL!), and I will watch any superhero movie you suggest to me. They’re not my immediate go-to’s, though. Anything like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, I Am Number 4, etc. are all fair-game.

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    #YOLO - Adventure It Up!

    I’m always down to try anything, especially outdoor activities. Swimming, paddle boarding, snowboarding (badly), you name it! I’ll do any dare, try (almost) any food, and participate in any stunt. You only live once, right? So, every experience you could possibly have, good or bad, is worth giving a shot. In my opinion, you have to try everything while you’re on this Earth. Every day is a blessing, so embrace any new experience.

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    The last random fact you should know about me is my unhealthy obsession with guacamole. I will even eat it with a spoon - no chip necessary. I’m always on the hunt for THE BEST guac, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way!

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