Now that vacation season is behind us, we're looking ahead at how to turn everyone's favorite creepy holiday into an excuse to travel.

Check out some of the most haunted cities you can visit this season to get your spook on. From meeting the doll that inspired the classic horror film series, Chucky, to taking a haunted kayak tour down the Chicago River.

  • Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images


    Instead of taking a haunted hayride, take a haunted kayak tour that features the story of Chicago’s first crime lord, Al Capone.

    Travel down the Chicago River via kayak and learn the story behind the man that rose from poverty to become the most powerful man the city has ever seen. In addition, you can also learn about the world-renowned Italian crime lineage, including mobsters Jim Colosimo, Johnny Torrio, and of course, Al Capone.

  • Getty Images, Three Lions
    Getty Images, Three Lions


    Isla de Las Munecas or Island of the Dolls is located in Xochimilco Mexico. The legend states that a young girl drowned in the waters of the island and still, to this day haunts that island. In an effort to suppress her spirits the grounds keeper, Don Julian Santana hung up dolls that he found all around the island.

    In 2001, Don Julian was found supposedly drowned in the same location as the young girl. Now, apparently the island is haunted by the girl's spirit in the form of thousands of dolls hanging in the trees. Visitors reported that they felt as if the dolls were watching them and even swore they would turn their heads to follow movement.

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    Savannah, Georgia

    The Sorrel-Weed House, built in 1840, in Savannah, Georgia is known for its history and is even recognized from the opening scene in Forrest Gump, as well as its many ghosts. The house belonged to a wealthy shipping merchant, Francis Sorrel who was involved in an affair with one of his slaves, Molly.

    Although married, Sorrel was infatuated with Molly and even arranged a private living arrangement for the slave girl. Once Sorrel’s wife Matilda learned of the affair she committed suicide by leaping from the second story balcony. A few days later Molly was discovered hanging from a noose in the carriage house. Now the two women reportedly haunt the Sorrel-Weed mansion.

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    Atlanta, Georgia

    The Ellis Hotel, once referred to as The Winecoff Hotel, was built in 1913 without fire doors, fire sprinkles, or alarms. This ultimately lead to one of the most tragic hotel fires in all of U.S. history. Of the 280 guests staying at the hotel at the time of the fire (1946), 119 perished around 3:00 am that morning.

    Since reopening in 2007, guests have reported hearing noises from other floors as well as smelling smoke. As for ghostly encounters some guests have reported seeing “faces” in the windows of the hotel possibly the victims of the fire.

  • Antonis Liokouras
    Antonis Liokouras

    Key West, Florida

    Travel to Key West to visit the infamous doll which inspired the horror cult classic film, Chucky. "Robert" was gifted to the talented artist named Robert Gene Otto and is supposedly haunted by a voodoo power that gives him the ability to come to life.

    Growing up, Gene would repeatedly blame "Robert" for various things gone wrong and he wasn’t the last to do so. "Robert’s" preceding owner, Myrtle Reuter discovered the doll after purchasing the Otto home in 1974 and swore "Robert" was alive. After Myrtle’s passing, "Robert" was donated to the Fort East Martello Museum where he currently resides today.

    The museum staff had to enclose "Robert" in a glass case because he supposedly would cause mischief at night such as destroying the other displays. If you do happen to visit "Robert" make sure you ask for his permission to take a photo. Visitors' cameras, as well as mobile phones, reportedly malfunction for disrespectful behavior and they continue to write letters asking for "Robert’s" forgiveness.

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