Each year on April 16th, the day after taxes are due in the US; it is time to kick back, relax and wear your pajamas to work! However, since April 15th fell on a Saturday this year, Tax Day was moved to the 18th. Which makes today, April 19th, the day after tax day aka PJ DAY!

In my opinion, here's why today is the best day EVER:

  • 1

    Because You're Officially Done Your Taxes

    What better way to celebrate a job well done, and all your hard work, then by lounging in your PJ's!

  • 2

    You Get 15 Extra Minutes Of Sleep

    Think about it...You go to bed, in your PJ's. You wake up, in your PJ's. What's the point in changing into NEW Pj's when you already got them on! Hygiene maybe, but like, whatever 'cause it saves you time getting ready in the morning which means more sleep!

  • 3

    You're Basically Working From Bed

    If you do what you love, you enjoy your day everyday. But what's better then working from home?! You lay in your bed all day... in your PJ's. So switch it up a bit, and it's basically like bring your PJ's to work day. So your desk becomes a bed and BOOM.

  • 4

    It's An Excuse To 'Not Run Errands'

    Common, let's be real. How many eyeballs and eye-rolls will you get if you walked into the grocery store wearing your PJ's... not like I'd care but hey, I'm basically ready to go back to bed. So might as well just head straight there after work! #naptime

  • 5

    You Get To See Joe Kelly in Bunny Slippers

    All he needs is the matching set of bunny ears that I got him for Easter and you have a big bunny running through the office!

    ...That of which I'm afraid of.

    Credit: Rachel Marie via Snapchat

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