It certainly seems like Summer 2018 is just flying right on by. The dog days of August are already here and before you know we'll be heading into Labor Day Weekend, kids will go back to school.

But we're not there yet! Don't let summer pass you by without doing these 5 things at least once.

  • 1

    Hit the Beach

    I'm going to try and cram in as many beach days as I can before the end of the summer season. HINT: The water is usually at its warmest around this time of the year!

  • 2

    Sleep in

    I absolutely love to sleep in and waking up without an alarm buzzing. You definitely have to make it a point to get at least one day where you're in bed past 6 AM.

    Man comfortably sleeping in his bed
  • 3

    Eat Outside

    Nothing's better than enjoying a meal outside with an amazing view of the beach or bay.

  • 4

    Walk the Boards

    There are so many awesome boardwalks up and down the Jersey Shore, including Atlantic City, Ocean City and the world-famous Wildwood boardwalk!

  • 5

    Hang Out With Neighbors

    In fact, we have the perfect time and place for this one! Hamilton Township's National Night Out 2018 on August 7th from 6 PM to 9 PM at the Hamilton Mall.

    This annual campaign promotes police and community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie in an effort to make neighborhoods safer.

    Hope to see you there!