It's almost Dad's favorite day of the year. The day that's all about him. Father's Day is this Sunday. Things are slowly starting to return to some degree of "normal" here in South Jersey, but it's important to keep in mind that we're still in the middle of a pandemic here.

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With that being said, there's so much MORE than be said about 2020's track record so far. The year certainly will be one stamped in our memories forever. So, why not get Dad something that'll give him horror flashbacks about the year of toilet paper shortages, mask-breath, and the feud between the Tiger King and Carole Baskin for years and years to come?

These gift ideas can help with that...

  • 1

    The Terror of the Toilet Paper Shortage

    If your dad was one of the unfortunate souls who fell victim to the toilet paper shortage, this gift might give him nightmares of a day that he wishes never happened, haha!

  • 2

    Toilet Paper Mug

    If you want to give Dad something he'll actually use, you can keep with the toilet paper theme with this one.

  • 3

    'S#%$ Just Got Real'

    If there was ever a shirt that accurately described the progression of the year 2020 thus far, it's this one.

  • 4

    Funny Apron

    So, you want something a bit more practical for dad? Maybe something he'll actually use or wear? If the T-shirt and mug suggestions above just don't seem like something the dad in your life would like, he's going to need a new grilling apron, right? You'll probably be grilling at home this summer a lot more than you normally do, so the quarantine apron's perfect, hah!

  • 5

    'Dad, We Love You' Face Mask

    Because, they're still a thing, and YES, you still need to wear them out. Make sure everybody that sees dad at the store knows his kids want him safe from COVID-19.

  • 6

    Dad Jokes

    You heard every single one of his jokes more than once while quarantined, so give him some new material. Or, just give it to him because making fun of dad's corny jokes never gets old, haha!

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