If you don't cry when you watch a soldier reunite with his family, do you even have a heart?

Serious question though, because I, for one, cry every single time. These videos especially tug at the heart strings this time of year since we're so close to Father's Day. So many families don't get to show love and appreciation to their dads this year, so it's super special when you get to witness reunions like the ones in this video.

The Youtube channel Funnyplox shared a compilation of some of the best soldier homecomings in which they reunite with their children. They truly are magical to watch. These are, without a doubt, tear-jerkers, so grab some tissues before you witness the love.

Check it out:

If you still have your dad around to celebrate this weekend, count your lucky stars. Never take for granted the time you have with him. Dads aren't around forever, so treasure them while you can.

A special "thank-you" is extended today to all those military fathers and their families who would give anything to be together this weekend. Your sacrifice doesn't go unnoticed, and we are so grateful for all that you do.

Source: Youtube

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