It's time to celebrate the wine of real wine-drinkers.


Today is National Red Wine Day!

Ah, what a great day. Does this mean that we get to sit back, relax, and indulge in all the merlot and red blends we want? Eh, probably not. Ya know... responsibilities.

But, it wouldn't hurt to stop at one of South Jersey's many awesome wineries for a little wine and cheese happy hour celebration, right? With that thought in mind, we've chosen some awesome places for you to check out just in case you're in the mood to celebrate.

  • 1

    Valenzano Winery

  • 2

    Auburn Road Winery


    Make a little trip out towards Cowtown to experience Auburn Road. They've got some awesome selections from dry reds to sweet and fruity. The Enoteca wine bar is super fun for an afternoon of catching up with your girlfriends. What better day than on National Wine Day?

  • 3

    Willow Creek Winery

    Cape May

    Willow Creek in Cape May always has so much going on. The vineyard tours at Willow Creek are absolutely amazing! Not to mention, you learn a lot while you're there.

    Even if you don't get to stop in today, you can always go for Sunday brunch.

  • 4

    Cape May Winery

    Cape May

    For one of the most beautiful decks to enjoy a tasting, plus add in the close proximity to the beach, Cape May Winery is a great spot to spend an afternoon.

  • 5

    Hawk Haven Vineyard and Wineyard

    Rio Grande

    Learn about the steel tanks and French oak barrels on Hawk Haven's tour they're offering TODAY!

  • 6

    Sharrott Winery


    Conveniently enough, National Red Wine Day falls on trivia night at Sharrott. Starting at 7pm, test your knowledge of, well... everything! Tastings will still be available.

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