You might want to grab a straw for this one.

We head to Spain to the Bodegas Vitivinos Winery where they've really taken a hit after on of their 50,000 liter wine tanks essentially exploded, spilling out so much wine that it looked like a trail of blood.

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SV News shared a video of the incident to Facebook and needless to say, it went viral in hours. The comments are hilarious with people posting funny GIFs and sharing what they would do if they had a chance to witness it. Honestly, just watching the wine rush out of the tank like that makes you feel so sorry for the winery. It's not like the process of winemaking is completed in a few hours.

To put it into perspective, 50,000 liters translates to 60,000 bottles of wine lost. 60,000! It's a cool sight to witness, but you can't help but sympathize. Even if the winery doesn't lose a lot of money, it sure does translate to a lot of time wasted.
said the winery's finances didn't actually get hit too hard since they produce close to 5 million bottles a year. Still, it's not a great situation. When you think about it, though, nobody would have even heard of this place without the tank incident, so maybe, in terms of free advertising, the situation wasn't as awful as it could have been.



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