The holidays are here! The holidays are here!

More so than in the last two years (thanks COVID) it's now easier to get out and about and enjoy life again. (Well, other than gas prices and the prices of just about everything else.)

With that in mind we present some suggestions on some adult places to get out and about and enjoy some good old fashioned Christmas Cheer!

1. Ventura's Offshore Cafe in Northfield.

This one tips my list. Every Christmas season includes at least one stop here. Sure they have Christmas drinks and food specials, and Christmas parties, and people dressed up nice. That's all great, but what really makes it is that huge fireplace smack in the middle of the dinging room. When that fire is roaring and heating up the room, it FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS!

2. The Anchorage Tavern and Restaurant in Somers Point.

We said legendary. The Anchorage is legendary. It's been around longer than anyone you ever met. It's been there forever. The foods also good, the beers are always cold. It feels like home, right?

3. Angelo's Fairmount Tavern in Atlantic City.

You did some shopping or you did some playing. You're dressed nice. You want to go somewhere nice. Somewhere authentic. Somewhere where people are happy and talking and enjoying life. That describes Angelo's! The happy people are there - and they've been going there for years! Look, that red pasta sauce goes great with your red Christmas tie!

4. Tailgaters in Galloway.

WAIT! Legendary? It hasn't been there forever has it? Well, no, but it feels like it has. Fun, friendly people work there and hang out there. It's once of South Jersey's real hometown bar and restaurants. You want to be cheery for the holidays? Go to Tailgaters and I guarantee you'll have the cheer passed along to you!

5. Vagabond in Atlantic City and Egg Harbor Township.

Like Tailgaters, Vagabond is one of those fun, happy places that people love to go and have fun. You'll see old friends and neighbors and toast them on a chilly night!

6. Chickie and Pete's in EHT and Atlantic City.

Wait, What?

Follow my logic: They're great places to watch the Eagles. The Eagles are killing it. If you're an Eagles fan, you love everything Eagles. This works for Eagles fans, trust me.

7. The Smithville Inn in Smithville.

This is where the pilgrims first celebrated Christmas. Not really, but maybe?

The Smithville Inn is where you go when you just need a little Christmas. Heck, just the walk around the shops will get you in the mood for the season. Eggnog anyone?

So, where do you like to go for Christmas cheer?

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