Today is National Taco Day!

Yes you can hoot and hollar is excitement. It is a great day!


Celebrate the day with these unique taco recipes.

  • 1

    Spaghetti Tacos

    Credit: MarianVejcik, Thinkstock

    You can thank the kids' show iCarly for spaghetti tacos. This is the ultimate leftover meal. Grab that left over pasta and some taco shells, then BAM a new creative meal.

    Get a Fiesta Spaghetti Taco recipe here.

  • 2

    Waffle Tacos

    Mark KA, Thinkstock

    Perfect for breakfast! Grab a nice warm and soft waffle and fold it in half. Fill the waffle taco with your favorite breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, sausage, veggies, pork roll, etc. Top it off with some syrup. YUM!

  • 3

    Crock Pot Tacos

  • 4

    Choco Tacos

    RocketDSD via Amazon

    Let's do a little bit of sharing right now, Choco Taocs are in the top of my favorite ice cream from an ice cream truck list. Yes, I have a list. You can make these treats right at home! If you are feeling super adventurous this recipe includes how to make the ice cream from scratch too.

  • 5

    Mac and Cheese Tacos

    Credit: BWFolsom, Thinkstock

    The answer to the question 'does mac and cheese go goof with everything' is a resounding YES. Ringing affirmative. I found this recipe online, which I will have to try soon. Check out the recipe here.

  • 6

    Thai Tacos

  • 7

    Bacon Weave Tacos


    I saved the best for last, a taco shell made of bacon. There is no such thing as too much bacon. This taco takes some time to create the shell, but it looks totally worth it. The shell is made from pieces of bacon weaved together. Find out how to do it here.