It's November now, so we must press on from Halloween and embrace the rest of holidays that are fast approaching.

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If you're obsessed with Halloween like me, it's always hard to wish it goodbye. Alas, the time has come to look forward to the next holiday on deck: Thanksgiving. Since COVID-19 is still very much a 'thing', it will surely not be celebrated like it normally is. I don't know about you, but Thanksgiving for us means everybody coming together with three to four tables set up to ensure everybody has a seat.

We've tried to scale down our celebration over the years, but regardless there always seems to be a minimum of twenty people at Thanksgiving dinner IF NOT MORE. This year, since the number of people allowed at each gathering will surely be less than 30, we're going to have to pivot so that we don't put anyone at risk. That may seem like a downer, sure, but have you thought about the relief a smaller crowd may provide the one in the kitchen?

A smaller crowd means less food that must be prepared. That got me thinking, should we expand on our menu this year since we won't have to make so much food? Then, I stumbled upon a recipe Delish posted of a BREAKFAST option to enjoy on Thanksgiving morning.

I've never even given Thanksgiving breakfast a moment's thought. We're usually so busy that if we do eat, it's something quick like a granola bar or a small bowl of cereal. However, since this year we won't have as many people to cook for, why not make the whole day special?? A specific Thanksgiving dish for breakfast might put a bit of excitement that was lost due to COVID back into the holiday.

Cranberry Cheesecake Banana Bread sounds absolutely WONDERFUL.

I've never made this before (obviously) but I think I'm going to at least try it out this year and see what everyone thinks. Who knows? Maybe, this will be a brand new tradition we'll continue for the holidays post-COVID.

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