Imagine this: you're eight years old and you've been watching your dad build trucks since the day you were born. You decide that you want to try your hand at it, so your dad helps you along the way. After all of your hard work, you not only receive accolades for the truck you've built, but they name a whole award after you!

That's exactly what happened to 8-year-old Paisley Rae from Brick. She's a fourth-generation truck enthusiast who has been working on her own truck for the last few months. She brought it with her to this year's truck meet in Atlantic City and certainly didn't disappoint.

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She didn't leave disappointed either considering the showrunner for the truck meet, Mark Wickline, actually named one of the awards after her. Going forward, the Paisley Rae Award will be given to the most deserving up-and-comer at the meet.

Paisley didn't just walk away with a single award, though. Nope, this little lady left with not one, but two awards. The second award she received for her truck's 80s body style.

Paisley's already gathered quite the following, too. She's active and social media and also has her own decal company called PR Designs! She's got quite a full schedule for an 8-year-old little girl, huh?

Her dad Jay says that she's just getting started. He says he'll be there for her for however long she wants to keep pursuing this dream. If she goes down another path, he'll be there for that one, too. What a great dad!

You can check out Jay's trucks HERE. If you're interested in keeping up with Paisley's truck builds, click HERE.

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