If you live in the Gloucester County area of South Jersey, then you know that this has been a long time coming! Deptford Township is FINALLY getting another grocery store!

Residents from the surrounding areas would once flock to Pathmark on Clements Bridge Road in Deptford in an effort to avoid the often packed grocery stores in Woodbury and West Deptford like Acme, Shop Rite, and Aldi. This was, of course, before Super Walmart had come to the area.


It was known for its affordable prices and wide selection of groceries and other household items. The store wound up facing challenges in the face of changing consumer preferences and increased competition from online retailers and other supermarket chains. As a result, the company struggled financially, leading to the closure of many of its stores over the years.

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The closure of the Pathmark in Deptford was part of that trend. While it's always sad to see a familiar store close its doors, it's also an opportunity for new businesses to emerge and meet the needs of the community in different ways.

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While it's great to have options like Walmart, Target, and Rastelli's to shop at, they're no comparison to the full supermarket experience that was Pathmark. Still, there may be some light at the end of this grocery store desert tunnel for the folks in Deptford after all.


A new Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is said to be taking over the old AC Moore location located off of Hurffville and Clements Bridge Roads, right across the street from the ShopCore Properties at Deptford Landing.

Grocery Outlets are starting to pop up all over South Jersey. One the most recent locations opened up in Mays Landing, Atlantic County, during the winter months of 2024. Sources also report there's one in the works in Gibbstown, as well.

No word yet on when we can expect to see it open its doors, but sources say it is, in fact, coming. Whatever you do, just don't indulge in these behaviors while shopping in the new store:

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