This little bear cub and her mama are taking the internet by storm.

A viral video has recently surfaces showing a bear cub and mom scaling a snow-covered mountain. The cub slides down a few times in an attempt to rejoin its mother at the summit.

It's a beautiful display of nature at its finest: a mother watching as her child overcomes one of the many obstacles it will face on its path to adulthood. At the clip's core, it's an amazing showcase of persistence and perseverance, proving that with enough drive and determination, anything is possible.

Watch the clip below:

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Not everybody is taking this as an inspirational video. Some are commenting on the drone that filmed the encounter actually being responsible for the cub sliding down the mountain in the first place. People are claiming the bears' behavior was a result of the drone, saying the only reason they were running was to escape the drone.

Regardless, it still epitomizes why you should never give up.

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