Whenever it snows here in the Garden State, there are always three things you can count on:

1.) You'll see everyones snow pictures on Facebook.

2.) School will be closed.

3.) Everybody forgets how to drive.

It's that last point we'll be honing in on here as it can mean bad business for the other drivers on the road.

Why is it that whenever the flurried start falling, people think all the regular and NORMAL rules of driving go out the window. For one, everyone's either driving too fast or way too slow. The slower drivers, I can understand why, at least. My question is, though, why would you want to rush in weather like this anyway? I don't care if it takes me twice as long in the snow to get to my destination as long as I make it there in one piece.

Truth be told, you should do everything in your power to stay off the roads when Jersey's expected to get more than three inches. It makes it easier on the public works department to clear the roads and parking lots.

Obviously, there are some chores that must be done, even in the snow. Shopping is one of them.

I HATE going to the store in the snow. Not only does driving in the snow freak me out, but dealing with the barely-plowed parking lots is enough to make me lose my mind every single time. There are a few, however, that stand out in my mind as being easy to maneuver when it snows.

The best plowed parking lot in my town has to go to the folks that run the Festival At Hamilton Plaza in Mays Landing. If I ever have to make a run to the Acme in the snow, I never worry if I'll be able to get home.

Let us know which parking lot here in South Jersey YOU think does a pretty good job cleaning up the snow in the comments!

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