A research study by Nature and Bloom (it’s a Hemp and CBD resource) concludes something I’m not liking one bit. We in New Jersey are completely obsessed with our skin.

Which is unnerving for several reasons. Remember the movie “American Psycho” where the serial killer had a ridiculously long skin care regimen? So, what, we’re all killers now? Also, aren’t we said to be ‘Jersey Strong’ and how can we be that while freaking out over a couple of clogged pores?


So I’m not sure I buy this, but according to the study New Jersey is the 4th most interested state when it comes to skincare. The Garden State has 369 skincare term internet searches per 100,000 residents every month. The data search focused on these specific products:

⚫ Cleanser
⚫ Exfoliator
⚫ Toner
⚫ Serum
⚫ Moisturizer
⚫ Anti Aging Cream
⚫ Anti Aging Night Cream
⚫ Retinol Cream
⚫ Eye Cream
⚫ Sunscreen
⚫ SPF Moisturizer


Doesn’t seem to go with New Jersey’s tough guy image. And aren’t Jersey girls beautiful enough on their own to not be too obsessed with perfect skin?

So who was number 1?

New York. With 442 searches per 100,000 monthly.

California is second with 420 searches. Now that state makes more sense. The land of Kardashians, plastic surgery and vanity.


Hawaii was third with 380.

Then as stated New Jersey with 369.

So they’re telling us New York and New Jersey with all our bravado and sarcasm and attitude really just wants to find the perfect exfoliant in life? I don’t recall seeing an episode where Tony Soprano gets a facial. Did I miss one?

Anyway, in case you’re wondering the states least obsessed with skincare, they are Mississippi, Montana and West Virginia. Hmmm. Maybe this study is plausible after all.

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