Okay ya'll, this is some serious news.

6ABC.com just shared the news of Taco Bell's luxury hotel opening up this summer in California and I'm NOT. OKAY. If you ANYTHING about me at all, you probably are aware of my abnormal obsession with guac and taco everything. Taco Bell is basically my Disney World and now there's a hotel with ALL THINGS TACO BELL?

Pinch me.

The idea sounds a little wacky, right? I mean, a hotel with everything fast food tex-mex themed? Sure, it's a little strange. But, Taco Bell's popularity is SERIOUSLY underestimated. I guess that's pointing out the obvious at this point, huh?

Check it out!

Not going to lie.... I'm not sure I see the point of a salon in the hotel since all anyone will be doing is sitting in their rooms stuffing their faces with Crunchwrap Surpremes, but what do I know?

Source: 6ABC.com

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