If you plan on lodging in any NJ hotel with 25 rooms or more, you may find a new staple next to the hotel Bible in the drawer.

There soon may be a panic button in many New Jersey hotel rooms in order to protect staff from a potential threat that arises while housekeeping. NJ.com reports that these buttons are already popping up in hotels across the country.

Apparently guest-to-staff harassment is pretty common in the hospitality industry, which is a shame. According to NJ.com, a worker at Bally's in AC was sexually assaulted back in February.

The good news for hospitality workers is that little to no pushback has been dealt with or heard of since the proposal of the new legislature. All employees have a right to feel safe and secure in their workplace. Sometimes, because people are guests somewhere, they don't treat the staff with the respect and decency they themselves expect from others.

The bill is pending consideration.

Source: NJ.com

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