With all the graduation parties and summer barbecues you've been to already this season, you're probably ready for a little menu shuffle. Chips, dip, etc. are great, but um, how do you feel about summer sliders?

It's ALWAYS a score when there's a sandwich tray, but wait til you see the delectable deliciousness that awaits your next backyard barbecue with this one. Instead of generic sliders or pizza rolls, why not have a mini-sandwich smorgasbord?? No, not the Italian/Roast Beef/American hoagie trays you get catered. That's boring and so overdone.

So Yummy shared a video to their Facebook page featuring a bread roll appetizer that satisfies literally everyone's palate preference. Try six different types of sliders, surely you'll find one that sounds appealing. From a bacon cheeseburger, to chicken parmesan, plus a sloppy joe and jalapeño popper among others, you'll be satisfied one way or another. Take a look:

There's so many options, right?! Maybe this will serve as inspo for your 4th of July picnic. Can I shout out that dessert at the end, though? YUM.

Source: Facebook

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